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Enzo Amore and Ryback talk WWE 'leaking' stories to news sites



Former WWE Superstars Enzo Amore and Ryback recently discussed WWE and how they believe that the company is 'leaking' stories to several news sites. Ryback was interviewing Amore as part of his Conversations With The Big Guy show this week.

Enzo and Big Cass being rumored for NXT return

"There was a rumour that went out that me and Cass were talking about making a return to NXT" Enzo Amore began. "Which was shut the f*ck down by Triple H himself in an interview. I found it comical and fascinating. He [Triple H] pointed the finger at me, and I've usually been above the rebuttal at this point. Yeah, I want to just make the notion clear. Listen, I know what was talked about and I didn't say sh*t."

Amore would elaborate further, saying "I was on my couch that day when my phone started blowing up. I was trending in the f*cking world okay!? I had nothing to do with it. Barry Bloom took a phone call for me regarding it, but that's neither here nor there. I got sh*tted on sitting on my couch."

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Enzo would then go into how WWE would 'leak' the stories about him, with Ryback agreeing and saying that he has mentioned it in the past. "You [WWE] have the opportunity to get in front of a microphone and f*cking dirt sheets and articles written and headlines being written? And you know, 'Enzo Amore err Triple H says those rumours are working out well for you, I hope they're working out.' I didn't start any rumors so thanks for that. I was sitting at home, trending number five in the f*cking world. I didn't do sh*t. So if that if that's a telltale sign of the way that they want to do business? I mean, why would I want to do business in that world? I mean I've, I've been long gone from that place."

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