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Enzo Amore books his first independent wrestling date and fans are not happy about it



Former WWE Superstar Enzo Amore (Real1) seems busy promoting his music career. However, it looks like he will find time to make independent wrestling appearances if the price is right.

The House Of Glory promotion has announced that Amore is booked for "High Intensity 7," the promotions biggest show of the year. "High Intensity 7" will take place at the NYC Arena in Jamaica, NY on August 17.

This booking is surprising because the feeling among promoters is that Amore seems to be intent on pricing himself out of bookings. Essentially, he is asking for a lot of money but HOG apparently met his price tag. Fans have been overwhelmingly negative about this announcement on Twitter. Scroll down to see some of the fan reaction.

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Amore was never charged with anything after rape allegations were made public in January. The case was dropped because there was insufficient evidence. As you can see below, fans are not thrilled about HOG booking Amore.