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Enzo Amore calls The Revival "two of the greatest wrestlers ever"



Former WWE Superstar Enzo Amore recently appeared on the Chris Van Vliet podcast. The 'realist guy in the room' would appear on the Q&A to discuss a multitude of topics from his career with WWE. His time on the independent scene, religious beliefs and more.

To start, Amore made an interesting point about WWE tag team The Revival. Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder have been attempting to leave the company for quite some time, with their most likely destination being the All Elite Wrestling promotion. Amore would call The Revival 'two of the greatest wrestlers ever' in the industry.

Enzo Amore on Dash and Dawson

"Dash and Dawson? I can honestly say they are two of the greatest wrestlers as a tag team duo" Amore began. "Ever. Not, not of old. Not you know Road Dogg Jesse James, Bad Ass Billy Gunn, not the Legion of Doom. I'm talking about EVER. I'm talking about like, EVER, ever."

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Enzo would elaborate further, discussing how he has had a plethora of matches with the duo ."Now, people can say what they want but they've never been in the ring with them. Put their life in these guys hands, and had these guys execute on a dime, with just the height of a crowd. There's a point in this match that I have right? I just watched this match because it's a private link that I have, it's old. Now I haven't watched wrestling in a long time like me, just watching me wrestle. I'm gonna go ahead and say that you can listen to it and not even watch it. Okay? And you're gonna say that this is greatest live event tag team match that you've ever seen. Dash and Dawson versus Enzo and Cass for NXT, there was a 'blood feud' rivalry between us."

Enzo finished by saying "there was a point in the match where I was on the sell, the crowd are apesh*t, buck wild. I'm down, I'm not moving, I might reach for the tag but I'm not getting up. Rather than run a spot, or hit me with a move? Dawson just stands over me, looks at the crowd almost 360 and wretches at my nose, I didn't feel a thing! But it got a reaction from the crowd louder than most finishes. At that point I thought 'how good is this guy?'"

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