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Enzo Amore confirms real-life heat with Big Cass



Enzo Amore and Big Cass were the Realest Guys In The Room and on fire as a tag team. The two sold a mountain of merchandise and left crowds of people all over the world parroting their catchphrases, but the team is no longer together and they broke up in a pretty decisive fashion.

Big Cass had enough of Enzo's mouth in the storyline so he booted his head off. This was the reasoning given in the television product but it turns out there could have been a decent amount of heat going on behind the scenes as well.

The team never won a pair of titles during their time together and with Enzo Amore's WWE release that seems even more unlikely at this time as well. After all, Big Cass is still with WWE battling in a pretty nice position on the roster as Daniel Bryan tries his best to make the 7-footer look good.

But Cass' position on the roster was put in great risk when he collapsed during a match after SummerSlam which would have put a bow on his feud with Enzo Amore. After his knee was destroyed, Big Cass couldn't finish their match and he was escorted off to face a long rehabilitation process to get back to action.

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Enzo Amore remembers the day Big Cass went down a little differently, "Triple H tore his quad and sat in a sharpshooter. Stone Cold took a piledriver and was paralyzed, [and he did] the ugliest schoolboy in the history of the business. I've been picked up and thrown down the ramp. I have a sciatica issue," Amore said on the Store Horseman podcast about Big Cass' injury while comparing him to others who worked through an injury.

"Then we get backstage and you know people talk. If I'm Vince McMahon, am I going to invest? You have a WrestleMania main event. We expect you to go out there and have a half hour to forty-five-minute match and you tear your ACL in the first five minutes. They have to know you're going to stick it out."

Amore wasn't happy about Big Cass being unable to finish the match but it was probably nothing compared to the frustration Big Cass felt, in the end, having to actually endure the injury. But Enzo Amore said he could never forgive Big Cass for not being able to finish their match because it blew a finish the post-SummerSlam crowd would have gone bananas for.

Only time will tell if this is a work from Real1 or if there is legit heat and a bridge that needs to be mended. But at this point, Enzo Amore isn't being shy at all about letting people know what he thinks about anything.

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