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Enzo Amore considering rap career

Enzo Amore is known for the crazy and brilliant things he can say on the microphone and it looks like he’s preparing to take that microphone expertise to the next level.

The Realest Guy In The Room is known to associate with rap stars like Drake and The Weeknd and now The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting Enzo Amore is looking to start a rap career.

With so many clever lines in his already impressive arsenal, it’s untelling what Enzo would be able to come up with if he had no censor. After all, he’s currently working on a pretty tight leash in regards to what he’s allowed to say. He’s given some lines of verbiage and obviously has some creative freedom there’s still a very hard line he can’t cross.

If Enzo Amore put out a rap album there would be no line and nothing would be off the table. It’s untelling what kind of fire he would spit, and it would also be interesting to see what kind of celebrity friends he could gather up to make a guest appearance on his album as well.

It’s a pretty interesting concept for sure and we really hope it happens. After all, it worked out for John Cena and Macho Man Randy Savage, didn’t it? So why not Enzo? But if he did put out a record he most likely wouldn’t be allowed to go as Enzo Amore because WWE owns the name he’s been using since first appearing in NXT.

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