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Enzo Amore cuts amazing promo on politics, journalism, and society

Enzo Amore has been through a lot in the last few months. He was cast out of WWE after allegations of sexual assault and an on-going police investigation caused the company to release him. Since he was cleared of all those allegations and no charges were ever filed, some could say Enzo has a legitimate bone to pick with the entire situation.

Now he’s rapping as Real1 but he’s still the champ if you ask him because he was never defeated for his WWE Cruiserweight Title. Enzo also wants to relay a much different message than the one given to him to repeat on WWE television.

Real1 recently released a new video where he cut a long rapping promo on society as a whole. He paints his proof with history and is very well spoken. Enzo Amore knows a thing or two about history and the evolution of journalism and he wanted to point out some big problems he saw.

Then Amore went on to say he’s not a Democrat or a Republican, he’s an American who has lost hope in the criminal justice system. Real1 said human is his race and love is his religion and he’s not asking for permission because only God can judge him.

“When seeing is believing and you wanna change the world you gotta let them see it. Becuase baby you could change your clothes but it’s hard to warm a heart when it’s freezing. It’s time for people to change like seasons, it’s time for you to be the change you wanna see,” Real1 said during the conclusion of his message.

It was a pretty intense video and he did the entire thing in one take which is also very impressive because he didn’t flub anything. Instead, Enzo rolled through with rhymes and a solid message that no matter what’s going on around him he’ll keep going and continue being real because he doesn’t know how fake feels.

You can check it out here to see everything Real1 had to say.

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