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Enzo Amore indicates he had backtage heat with Triple H, #MeToo played a part in his WWE release

Real1, the former Enzo Amore, was the guest on Steve Austin’s podcast this week.

Here are some of the highlights:

Austin said that he saw Amore at Raw 25, which would turn out to be his last time at a WWE event before he was released. Amore said that the only people he has communicated within wrestling since his WWE release are Steve Austin and Bubba Ray Dudley.

Amore said that he showed up to Raw 25 like it was another day. He did rehearsals with Goldust for a match with him and The Dudleyz were supposed to beat him up. He said that the plan was for him to lose his Cruiserweight title to Ted DiBiase in a poker game. Amore says that he was supposed to wrestle Goldust after losing the title. Eventually, Nia Jax was supposed to win the title back and she would have handed it back to Amore.

Amore said Vince McMahon was running around backstage like a “headless horseman” and then he got texts from people about the tweet from the woman that made the sexual assault allegations about him. Amore claims that he learned at that point and then there was a meeting with WWE officials. Amore said, “the police had never contacted me about this. Not once.”

Amore played down the stories about him living a fast life. Amore said that he got an email from an “investigator” in December letting him know that there was an allegation but he did not hear anything from police. Amore said that he didn’t bother to respond to the email because he didn’t take it seriously since it did not say anything about the police. Amore claimed that police didn’t take the accuser’s threat seriously.

At Raw 25, Amore says Vince McMahon made the call to scrap his segments for the show. Amore said he was told to go home and to wait to hear from the company and they would let him know if he should be at Smackdown for 205 Live. Shortly after that he was told that he would be suspended. Amore supposedly said, “I’m fucking out of here and I’m not gonna forget this.” The next day is when he was informed that he would be fired. Amore says he told Mark Carrano, “Consider this your loss, not mine.”

He says that Vince McMahon told him that Amore was the victim of bad timing because of the #MeToo movement and it was around the time of the Women’s Royal Rumble. “This is bad time. The first-ever women’s Royal Rumble is next week. The #MeToo movement and the pendulum and everything that’s swinging in one direction. It couldn’t have been on a worse day or time and the timing. We were in the midst, as a company, of a women’s revolution with wrestling.” Amore said he had to pay “tens of thousands of dollars” to his lawyers for nothing because no charges were filed.

He indicated that his bank account was being drained but he did the smart thing by keeping quiet until police dropped the case. Amore said he can’t go back because of sciatica issues. He said, “I can’t walk…I can’t do things physically that I once could do. When I was in the end there getting to WrestleMania, I was saying to myself ‘I don’t know if I’m gonna make it to Mania.’ I didn’t even know if I was gonna make to the Rumble [and] that was a week later.” Amore said “not anytime soon” in regards to a return to WWE because he needs to heal up because his body is beat up. He said he was living hard when he was a heel with the Cruiserweight Title.  “I was going hard man, I was showing up to work. I had a few nights out there in the world where I had no sleep and you have never known if you were watching on camera.”

Amore said, “I would have worked for the WWE forever. I would have went until the wheels fell off. I would have wrestled until I physically could not do it any longer.” He continued, “I got my voice taken away from me and it’s the only thing that I ever cared about, the most important thing. In wrestling, I’ll lay on my back for the 1-2-3. A writer tries to write a line that I don’t like in a fucking promo, I ain’t saying it. And Hunter is gonna threaten my job and Triple H is gonna tell me I’m gonna get fired because I ain’t saying the shit and the company is gonna get copyrighted when I start singing Frank Sinatra [and] they’re gonna get fined $45,000. And I’m still gonna get handed a fucking microphone every fucking night so I started living like that. [I was like] man you guys have threatened me since I got in the door here, you have been hanging it over my head that you will fire me since the day I got hired you have made it seem like it is everything and anything and the only thing…you’re lucky to be here. In the end, I was looking them in the face and going ‘you’re fucking lucky to have me.'” He continued, “I didn’t walk on any eggshells at the end at all. I didn’t dress in the locker room, I changed by myself. When people got mad at me, I didn’t care and I just dealt with Vince. I had plans on dropping my music with WWE.”

Amore also said that Vince McMahon was the one to tell him to send out tweets about Conor McGregor last year. Amore joked, “I’m not a fighter, bro. I’m an entertainer.” Amore said his first one-on-one meeting with McMahon was after he returned from his concussion. That is when Amore says he told McMahon about his music and his intentions to collaborate with WWE. Amore said McMahon was “mindblown” by him.

Amore also talked about a conversation he had with Triple H. Amore said, “the only person that knew about that conversation in the entire business is Neville because he is my best friend and the only one I told shit too because I trust Neville.” Amore continued, “ultimately, what Hunter probably feared happened [which is] me getting in trouble the way I did was probably why Hunter, the whole time in NXT and on the main roster, didn’t wanna give me a push because why would he want to invest in this guy if he’s gonna fuck it up?” Amore said that Bray Wyatt joked that Amore would go up in a ball of flames since he did things his own way without listening to advice.

Amore said that he was not trying to be like Triple H. He wanted to be like The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. “He stood up in that room and he was going off and he said to me ‘Enzo, you’re not gonna change the fucking world!’ And when he said that I stood up and shot my chair to the point where it fell and I said ‘don’t you get it? I am trying to change the fucking world!’ Triple H stood up and said ‘there is no getting through to you.’ [He was] boiling hot mad and he walked me out of that room and that was the truth. The truth was that they, my boss Triple H, Vince or whoever it was were looking at me saying ‘ this guy think he’s gonna change the fucking world.'”

He claims that his storyline with Nia Jax was supposed to him eventually hooking up with Alexa Bliss. Amore claims he was told that directly by Vince McMahon and that Bix and Jax may not have been aware of that at the time.

Amore brought up that most of the WWE roster does not have an agent. He signed up with Barry Bloom, the same agent that represents names like Chris Jericho, Bill Goldberg, and Steve Austin.

Amore said his “Phoenix” music video was a “thank you” to the fans that supported him and a middle finger to the “smart marks.”  Amore believes he will be the biggest star in music and he is hesitant to sign with a label right now and he has been able to cut out the middle man because his little brother handles the production on his videos. Towards the final minutes of the video, he put over WWE for putting smiles on people’s faces. He apologized to any parent that was offended if their kids watched or heard his “Phoenix” music video.

He ended by thanking WWE for the opportunity of a lifetime.

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