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Enzo Amore rushed to the hospital after getting knocked out cold on DDT spot on the floor



We send out best wishes to former WWE star Enzo Amore, who was rushed to the hospital a few hours ago at the SWE show in Texas. Amore took a DDT on the floor and was knocked out cold. Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer discussed the story on Wrestling Observer Radio.

Alvarez said, "Enzo was doing a show tonight and apparently took a DDT during a spot outside and got knocked unconscious and the story was he was taken to the hospital, and hopefully he's alright. That's all we know right now."

Meltzer said it was Amore's first match for the promotion and it happened before intermission. He said that Amore was "knocked completely out" and he was taken out on a stretcher.

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Hopefully, he is okay. We will post updates on Amore when we hear more.

UPDATE: Amore just tweeted: