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Enzo Amore shares humorous story about ex-girlfriend Liv Morgan

Enzo Amore has been through plenty of interesting situations in his life. The former WWE Superstar who is now going as Real1 recently opened up to Steve Austin on his podcast about several topics including his release from WWE and other stories from his past.

Real1 told a very interesting story near the beginning of the podcast where he discussed how he taught his ex-girlfriend, Liv Morgan, how to drive and eventually gave her his Dodge Dart as well.

This was a very nice thing for Real1 to do, but it turned out to bite him in the end because he was the one dealing with the situation when the car was eventually stolen out of Liv Morgan’s driveway.

“I was driving a Harley Davidson to work and at the time I was leasing a Dodge Dart so I was broke bro, I didn’t have no damn money,” Real1 said on The Steve Austin Show. “So the Dodge Dart I called the Gionna Mobile because I gave it to my ex Liv Morgan, Gionna. She put dents, she didn’t know how to drive so she learned how to drive in that Dodge Dart so we called it the Gionna Mobile, just chalked it up as an L bro.”

“The craziest sh-t about this bro is it got stolen and found totaled on the side of the highway. Taken right out of Gionna’s driveway when I was in Orlando. Cause I was still talking to her, we were very good friends and stuff so I let her have that car, she got the Dodge Dart when I wasn’t with her and then I get a phone call. She’s on the road or whatever for NXT. I get a phone call from my buddy Dante on Thanksgiving he wakes up, ‘yeah the Dart’s not in the driveway, I don’t know what happened.’ I was dealing with it that night man in and out of impounds, found the car bro, so funny when I got the call they found it. The Gionna Mobile, Liv Morgan’s whip absolutely demolished and I still don’t know what happened to it.”

Steve Austin asked Real1 if he and Morgan were still an item and Amore confirmed the couple broke up over a year ago. However, the two are still connected by a pretty close acquaintance.

“We’ve been broken up for a couple years, about a year, year and a half,” Enzo said. “When I was in NXT I dated Liv and lived with her and she actually still lives with my roommate. So my best friend from like elementary school still lives with my ex Liv out there in Orlando.”

This is certainly an interesting situation but at least Enzo Amore doesn’t have to track down a stolen car in that situation.

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