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Enzo Amore takes a jab at WWE in latest music video

Enzo Amore has a lot to say but if you imagine how much he said before and factor in the idea that he just came off of a two-month media silence and you can see why his first track Phoenix was so lyrically potent. Now he’s back with another World Star Hip-Hop exclusive video and it’s just as highly produced and intense as his debut single.

You can say what you want about his music, but it’s kind of like an Enzo Amore segment put over a beat. His rapping reminds me so much of a promo you could essentially say Dusty Rhodes helped Enzo Amore find his inner Real1 in those promo classes back in NXT. It’s enjoyable for those who loved his character on television no matter how much heat he had backstage and “Bury Me A G” is a fine second outing for Real1.

During the song, Amore takes jabs at plenty of people especially those who say money isn’t everything because according to Real1 they should just go work at McDonald’s. He asks what success is without honor and raps about his mistakes while posing some interesting questions in the process. But since it’s Real1 you know he can’t pull a punch when he has a shot to fire.

Strangely enough, the first target seemed to be Snickers which is a big WWE sponsor, whether or not this was intentional is another story but since it’s Real1 I’m betting he knew what he was saying because the dude is intelligent. But then he made an even more direct mention that was pretty hard to miss when he said, “they didn’t wish me well on my future endeavors because they knew I wouldn’t need it. I’ve been streeted, mistreated. I’m still the realest champ because I ain’t never been defeated b-tch sit down be humble I ain’t staying seated if anything the seat overheated.”

It sounds like Real1 is still dealing with some things in his music which makes me wonder what kind of subject matter he will cover once he gets all of his frustrations over the last six months out of his system. He’s been through a lot and could very well still become a great comeback story in pro wrestling. In fact, that would be an amazing story to tell so let’s hope for the best.

But if Real1 keeps up his great industry contacts and releasing music videos that go viral Enzo Amore might not need to make a return to pro wrestling in order to prove he’s a Certified G.

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