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Enzo Amore’s reaction to Nia Jax’s advances on Raw

Enzo Amore and Liv Morgan are no longer an item, therefore, The Realest Guy In The Room is free on the market and Nia Jax obviously noticed that.

After hyping up his Zo Train on Raw he turned around and found himself face to face with The Girl Who’s Not Like Most Girls. Nia looked him up and down with a big smile on her face (Nia really does have a pretty smile) and The Rock’s cousin simply said: “how you doing?” Then she walked off after making her obvious message felt.

This was sort of a surprising turn of events for Nia Jax but at least WWE Creative has found something for her to do on television. It looks like she’s totally game for the angle too by the look on her face. Also, judging by the look on Enzo Amore’s face he might not be too ready for Jax.



Enzo did look like a deer in the headlights, didn’t he?

But after he let it sink in a little bit Enzo Amore had to admit that he’s not too surprised. He simply replied on Twitter saying, “most girls? Naw.. ALL girls wanna be with a champion” which is a pretty bold statement.

If things keep going in this direction, the WWE Cruiserweight Championship might not be the only thing (or person) Enzo Amore is calling “boo” soon enough.

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