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Big match moved to Great Balls Of Fire kickoff show

Update: It looks like Enzo vs Big Cass has been moved to the main card.

Original: Sometimes WWE makes decisions that don’t make much sense, but they’re obviously having a fun time stacking the packed Great Balls Of Fire Card.

They might have started off Monday Night Raw this week with a promo package and an opening segment, but it doesn’t look like The Realest Guys In The Room’s match is important enough to make the Great Balls Of Fire main card. Enzo and Big Cass were best buddies but they were hitting one snag after another. The two were never able to capture a pair of titles and this frustration brought Big Cass to his breaking point.

Enzo was found laid out backstage for a couple of weeks in a row and just when people started looking at Big Cass, the seven-footer (allegedly) wound up knocked out backstage too. Kurt Angle said he finally figured out who their attacker was and after saying it wasn’t Big Show or The Revival it looked like he was headed back to the drawing board. Suddenly Corey Graves demonstrated some journalistic prowess and revealed Big Cass was the attacker the whole time and he actually staged his own attack.

Big Cass said it was him and then kicked his little buddy’s head off. The next week on Raw Big Cass swerved fans all around the world when he made it look like he was reuniting with Enzo, but instead, he just clotheslined his head off.

A match was set up for the two at Great Balls Of Fire and WWE even donated the opening part of Raw’s broadcast this week to their feud. But now Enzo vs Big Cass don’t seem to be interesting enough for the main card. In all honesty, this probably isn’t the only cut WWE is going to have to make to save room for Sheamus and Cesaro vs The Hardy Boyz’ 30-Minute WWE Iron Man Match.

Most are speculating Big Cass will make short work of Enzo. But we’ve seen Enzo get knocked down but get up again before. At this point, Enzo is like a living, breathing Chumbawumba song. But you’ll have to tune into the kickoff show to see him throw down with his old buddy Cass.

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