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Episodes of WWE Velocity are coming to the WWE Network

WWE has announced their schedule of new shows being added this month to the WWE Network.

Something of note that was announced today is that they will be adding 10 episodes of WWE Velocity to the On Demand section.

Velocity aired as a weekly one-hour show on Saturday night’s on TNN/Spike TV as part of a two-hour block of WWE programming. During its initial run, the show aired before WWE Confidential.

Velocity featured first-run matches primarily with mid-card and undercard talent. Over time, the show served to catch up viewers on the SmackDown storylines. The show served the same purpose that Sunday Night Heat did during it’s later years.

Velocity was dropped from WWE’s programming schedule when WWE made a deal to return to the USA Network.

Here is the list of shows scheduled to be added this month:

– 4 new episodes of WWE Timeline
– WWE Break It Down: Sasha Banks
– Broken Skull Sessions: Jerry Lawler
– WWE The Day Of: SummerSlam 2020
– WWE Chronicle: Matt Riddle
– WWE Untold: Edge vs. Cena
– 10 episodes of WWE Velocity
– WWE The Day Of: Payback 2020
– WWE Clash of Champions 2020
– Broken Skull Sessions: Kurt Angle

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