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Eric Bischoff comments on being excluded from nWo’s WWE Hall of Fame induction

Eric Bischoff


In December of 2019, WWE announced the nWo (Kevin Nash, Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, and Sean Waltman) would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame class for 2020.

Clearly, that didn’t happen as the ceremony was supposed to take place at the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida, as part of WrestleMania 36 weekend. Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, WWE was forced to postpone the induction ceremony. There’s still no word yet on when it will happen.

Eric Bischoff did a recent interview with Alex McCarthy of talkSport where he shared his reaction to being excluded.

“It’s a subject that I hear about every year. I’ve gotten pretty used to it over the years to just go ‘eh, whatever. I mean, I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t go ‘really?’ But my reaction was probably more ‘Really? Whatever, I’m good.'”First of all, the nWo the idea, the phenomenon – I think we can talk about the nWo concept in terms of it being a phenomenon because it still exists today.”

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Bischoff noted that you can’t turn on a WWE show without seeing fans wearing nWo merchandise. He brought up how while there’s no representation of the group in WWE right now nor for the last few years, it’s still on the minds of wrestling fans.

“So it’s not a wrestling phenomenon, at least in my own mind. And I’d try to pat myself on the back but I’d fall out of this chair and spill coffee on myself, so I’ll refrain from that [laughs].

“The fact that WWE acknowledged the NWO, that made me feel really good. It probably displaced any personal hurt or feeling left out, because I was so grateful that they finally went ‘OK, this s*** was pretty cool and pretty important to the industry. We have to acknowledge it.’”

Bischoff brought up how he’s good friends with Hogan, Hall, and X-Pac, so he’s happy for them.

“My acknowledgment of the fact that I wasn’t included in it was so insignificant that it lasted maybe a brief second, and that was it.”

Bischoff recently spoke with the media outlet about his departure from WWE, which you can read about here.