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Eric Bischoff explains what happened when he saw Steve Austin for the first time in WWE since firing him from WCW



Eric Bischoff was interviewed on Corey Graves "After The Bell" podcast this week. In addition to the big announcement that Bischoff will be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame, Bischoff also talked about his run in WWE and WCW and he talked about what it was like working with Steve Austin after he fired Austin from WCW in 1994 via FedEx.

Here are some highlights:

Bischoff talking about originally going to WWE and being asked to work with Steve Austin:

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“I said that would be just perfect. We had a built-in backstory. We didn’t have to do a thing. You could have just announced the match and it would have been a draw just because of the history. It was so perfect. Nothing could have been more perfectly set up than Austin-Bischoff. I’m not a wrestler. My in-ring performances are hideous, but the character, Eric Bischoff at the time, still had a fair amount of heat because of the history and the perception of the audience in terms of what Bischoff felt about Austin and vice versa. You didn’t even have to do anything. It was already there and then to be able to build upon that in such a fun way, but the creative for the story and the build-up to it was so much fun. It’s still one of my highlights. People ask me ‘What are my favorite moments in wrestling?’, and there’s the things that happened on the business side of wrestling that I’m really excited about, but in terms of on-camera moments, having the opportunity to work with Steve Austin is definitely a top three moment.”

Bischoff describing the first time he had an interaction with Steve Austin when Bischoff first came to WWE:

“I hadn’t seen Steve until the middle of the storyline. If you guys remember, I was running all over Texas looking for Stone Cold Steve Austin because Mr. McMahon charged me with the responsibility of getting him to join the roster again or something to that effect. So I’m on a mad Easter egg hunt for the giant Steve Austin egg in the middle of the most remote places in Texas you can find or not find again if you had to. It was so much fun, but one of those locations we were shooting in, imagine this, it was a bar in Texas. Brilliant creative. Prichard and I and the crew were already there and Steve came along after we had been setting up for an hour or so. This was the first time Steve and I laid eyes on each other since he worked for me back in WCW before I fired him. He pulled me over to the side and we had a great conversation. It took about 45 seconds for us to feel like we had been friends for 20 years, nothing bad ever happened, no hard feelings, everything’s good, let’s go make some money together. It happened that fast. Our ability to put all that behind us, be mature adults and professionals and have fun doing it, that whole transition was about 45 seconds.”

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