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Eric Bischoff explains why Curt Hennig was not the same guy towards the end of WCW



Eric Bischoff and Conrad Thompson talked about "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig on a recent episode of "83 Weeks" on

Bischoff talked about Hennig's time as part of the Robbinsdale High School group of wrestlers, his start in the AWA, his jump to the WWF as Mr. Perfect, his Lloyds of London policy, his jump to WCW and his time in the NWO, the Four Horsemen, the West Texas Redneck and the final years of his life.

Here are some highlights:

Bischoff talking about Curt Hennig circa 1999-2000:

“I think by this point, the injuries, the pain, the addiction, the frustration, the realization that he probably saw the end of his career much sooner than he wanted to see it coming, all of those things had something to do with it to one degree or another in terms of what Curt, his lifestyle, and what he was doing to himself. It was starting to become more and more evident. He wasn’t the same guy. He was in so many ways because Curt, and I was thinking about this this morning because I knew we were going to have a conversation about what Curt was really like, or at least my impression of him.

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Curt, I think more than anybody else that I can think of right now, really loved life. He loved to hunt. He loved to fish. He loved his family. He loved to laugh. He loved to make other people laugh. That was the Curt that I so remember when I think about Curt Hennig, but, ‘99, ‘00, that wasn’t the same Curt. In many ways he was, but, the shine was coming off. He wasn’t as happy as he had been previously when I knew him. He didn’t have that same bounce in his step when he walked through the locker room and I don’t mean physically. I mean the way he carried himself in terms of his energy. He seemed like a little bit of a shadow, just a fraction of a shadow of his former self and he just didn’t seem to be having as much fun.”

(Note: Hennig's best friend Rick Rude passed away in early 99 and that was likely a big reason why Hennig was not the same guy in and out of the ring).

Bischoff on how Hennig should best be remembered:

“By his smile. He was always having fun. He was always trying to make somebody else laugh. It may have been at my expense or your expense or DDP’s expense. Not everybody laughed. There were certain people in the room that didn’t, but most people did. I think making people laugh was one of the things that motivated Curt in addition to all the obvious things like money and fortune and fame and all that. I think what he really loved to do was make people laugh. It’s how he kept himself up. It’s how he kept himself entertained is by entertaining everybody else.”

You can listen to the entire show now at

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