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Eric Bischoff gives his thoughts on Dusty Rhodes’ storytelling abilities

On the latest episode of “83 Weeks,” Eric Bischoff and Conrad Thompson cover the Clash of Champions XXV show that occurred on November 10, 1993. Clash of Champions XXV aired live on TBS from St. Petersburg, FL.

They cover Ric Flair vs. Vader in the main event for the World Title, Steve Austin vs. Brian Pillman, Rick Rude vs. Road Warrior Hawk, The Nasty Boys vs. Sting and Davey Boy Smith and much more. They also cover all of the behind-the-scenes stories from that time period.

Bischoff gave his opinion on Dusty Rhodes’ storytelling abilities: “I don’t think Dusty was the storyteller, long term strategic storyteller, that he probably would have liked to have been. Dusty thought in terms of the next big event, the next big headline. Perhaps, and this is just a perhaps, it is because Dusty came up in a part of the country where weekly territories dominated the scene. You would have your big match. You would have the finish or have something happen that led you to next Saturday. Where as PPV was more of a monthly territory. It was TV, TV, TV, TV, PPV. As a result of that kind of weekly education and that base of experience, and as a performer and having so much success in weekly territories around the Southeast in particular, and in Texas, the idea of elongated storylines that lasted months was not something that came naturally to Dusty. What did come naturally to Dusty was his vision for big events as opposed to strong stories. Not that Dusty didn’t come up with some strong stories. He did. But the majority of Dusty’s creative thought process was probably dedicated to what is the next big huge hit we can conjure up and create. But if you don’t have great stories that people were invested in going into it, it’s just an event.”

You can listen to the entire show via your favorite podcast app or click on the player below.

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