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Eric Bischoff: "Lance Storm didn’t know how to deliver dialogue, he didn’t know how to be a character"



On the latest episode of "83 Weeks" on, Eric Bischoff and Conrad Thompson covered SuperBrawl 2001.

Here are some highlights from the podcast:

Eric Bischoff was asked his opinion of The Wall being in WCW in 2001:

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“He came in as I was phasing out, so to speak. I didn’t really interact with him much. I never really got to know him. If I spoke to him, it was brief and it doesn’t stand out in my mind. But, I mean my opinion of him from a distance was he was a big guy, a tough guy. He could move but he was a brawler. I just have a hard time getting excited about people whose primary talent is as a brawler. The whole image, the gimmick that he was given, was not his fault, by the way. I just didn’t buy it. It wasn’t compelling to me. I don’t mean to be negative about him, but you asked the question. I didn’t find anything about Jerry other than his size and his toughness that made him appear, to me at least, to be somebody that can stand out from the crowd. He can be important. He can have a role, but it would be as a supporting cast member, not as a star.”

Bischoff gave his opinion of Lance Storm vs Ernest Miller and Storm's lack of charisma:

“Ernest Miller outperformed Lance Storm by a mile in this match. Ernest Miller had more energy and he got the crowd behind him. First of all, let’s go back to Lance Storm. This is going to sound like I’m beating up on Lance. I don’t have anything against Lance but this is a guy that likes to keep himself out there and judge other people’s work and keep himself out there talking about his unique perspective on the wrestling industry. Lance Storm never got to the seven and a half minute mark of his 15 minute of fame opportunity. He just didn’t. A perfect example as to why he didn’t is because he never understood heat and he still doesn’t. Here is a perfect example of his lack of understanding of heat and why he never got any. There’s a couple reasons why that we saw on this particular show. He comes out as the commissioner in a babyface role. He’s doing his job, and by the way he did a poor job at it because he’s not good at delivering dialogue. He’s very stiff and it sounds like he memorized it and it comes off like he read this 20 minutes ago. It was so bad. Lance Storm didn’t know how to deliver dialogue, he didn’t know how to be a character. It’s not his fault, I guess. He was put into a position he shouldn’t have been put into because he wasn’t good on the mic, but nonetheless, they put him out there anyway. But, the role that he established at that point, was one of, more or less, a babyface doing the right thing, being in control as the commissioner. It’s hard to hate a guy like that especially because he was doing it for the right reasons. Now, to come out with his ‘I’m from Alberta and I’m the best technical wrestler. Only Canadians should be in charge of this company.’ He got no heat for it. If he did, it was go away, you’re f**king boring heat, not I want to see you die heat. It was just bad. Now, is Lance Storm a good technical wrestler? Absolutely. Does he have an ounce of charisma? Did he have an ounce of charisma? That's why he never was able to expire the 15 minute clock for fame. He only got to the seven and a half minutes because he just didn’t have it.”

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