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Eric Bischoff names WWE star who needs a gimmick change



During a recent appearance on After 83 Weeks with Christy Olson, Eric Bischoff talked about a wide range of topics.

One question was asked about which current WWE star needs a gimmick change. This is where he responded by bringing up longtime WWE star and former WWE Champion Sheamus.

For the past few years, he’s continued his successful career with the sports entertainment company as part of a tag team with Cesaro. The Bar has found success while members of both the Raw and SmackDown brands.

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“I like Sheamus as well. I’m not sure that I dig the gimmick that he’s currently in. Other people do. He may love it. I’m not here to judge. I’m just saying, I see him in a different kind of character. It’s just like when Steve Austin came in as The Ringmaster. It was Steve Austin, but he was The Ringmaster. And I see something in Sheamus that is a little different than what we currently see that kind of interests me.”

You can watch the entire interview by clicking on the player below:

H/T to Fightful for the transcription