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Eric Bischoff on Marc Mero not wanting Sable in the wrestling business, his reaction to Sting joining AEW

Eric Bischoff answered questions from fans on the latest “Ask Eric” edition of “83 Weeks.”

Bischoff was asked, “Why didn’t you ever bring in Rena Mero (Sable) into the company while Mark was under contract?”

Bischoff responded, “Honest answer is Johnny, I’m not going to speak for Johnny,  ’ve never got the impression that Johnny wanted Rena around the business all that much. They had a young kid or two I believe. I can’t remember. At least one very, very young child. I visited Marc in his house. I’ve gone to Marc’s house to watch a Tyson fight or two and socialize with Marc and Rena, but I never got the impression that she would have even entertained the idea of stepping out in front of a camera. She was the shyest, most private, polite, but private person I’ve ever met backstage. I just can’t conceive of a moment where I would have said, ‘I got an idea. Let’s put your wife out there with you.’ She was very conservative and very, very, private. I just never would have got the impression she would have ever wanted to be on camera. Shows you what I know.”

Bischoff was asked, “How do you feel about Sting signing with AEW? What would be the best use for his talents for the company at his given age?’

Bischoff answered, “First of all I’m thrilled to death. I’m very excited for Steve Borden, the man who plays Sting because I think it’s an opportunity for Steve Borden to, much like I wanted to do when I went to WWE the first time as a talent, when you have an opportunity to end your career on your own terms or at least with an opportunity to end it on a positive note as opposed to a negative one, that’s a gift. I’m really happy that Steve Borden has that opportunity and received that gift. As far as the best way to use him, that depends on Steve Borden. A motivated Steve Borden can be a very dangerous weapon in an AEW arsenal as a character, and dangerous in a good way. When I say motivated, obviously he’s motivated. I’ve watched Steve’s appearances since he’s been back and he looks physically and more than that, he looks emotionally and mentally ready to me. It’s a hard thing to describe what I mean by that, but there’s a level of energy that I can sense when I see Sting now in AEW. It’s kind of like watching somebody you just know is bursting at the seams. He’s ready to go. That’s when he can become dangerous because he’s motivated. I think physically, Steve Borden knows his body pretty well. He’s trained all his life. He was a bodybuilder at one point. He certainly understands his body and how to get the most of it and he also understands the limitations that he has and has matured up to this point in his career and his life to work around those limitations and not try to work through them. There’s a difference. I think if Steve Borden is ready to get in the ring and have a match, he will find the right situation in AEW to end his career the way he wants to end his career. I could not be happier for him and for the fans of Sting. There are a lot of them out there who want to see him end his career on a high note. I think it’s great for everybody all the way around.”

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