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Eric Bischoff on return to WCW in 2000: “I didn’t really put forth the effort. I was not emotionally invested”

On the latest 83 Weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff reviewed the June 5, 2000 edition of WCW Monday Nitro. Some highlights from the podcast can be read below.

Eric Bischoff said “One of the only things I am truly embarrassed about in my career is that I allowed myself to participate in something that was nothing but a transaction for me, meaning, when I came back to WCW after they let me go in September of 1999 and I got a call a couple months later saying we f*cked up with Vince Russo, would you mind coming back? What will it take? I came back with a hell of a deal. Shortly after I got back, the first few weeks were good. It felt good. My intentions and motivation was good. I came back because I figured I could work out a way to work with Vince Russo and change things so that WCW would have a better foundation creatively. After having worked with him for several weeks, I realized it was not going to happen. Rather than saying to Brad Siegel, it’s not going to work, it’s not going to happen, I just showed up. I didn’t really put forth the effort. I was not emotionally invested. I was fulfilling an obligation…I can’t think of a better way to say it other than I took the money.”

Bischoff said characters like Miss Hancock and Huge G Rection were Vince Russo ideas. Bischoff thought these ideas were stupid and was the mindset of a 14 year old. He went on to say that groups like the Filthy Animals and such were all dark characters. He said nothing was clean, crisp and easy to follow that elicited emotions. Everybody was layered with a character with some dirt on them.

Bischoff was not a fan of hardcore wrestling. Him beating the “King of Hardcore” was a way for Bischoff to get heat. He said Terry Funk was a sore spot for Dusty Rhodes because they are similar and there would be rumors that Funk would take over the booking from Dusty.

Bischoff said that despite Kimberly being a friend, he has to admit that she was not good at all on interviews and was under-qualified for that role.

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