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Eric Bischoff reveals who he heard Kurt Angle’s mystery guest really is

Everyone wants to know who Kurt Angle loves and what will happen on Raw next week. Angle is set to reveal the source of his ominous text messages but Eric Bischoff says he already knows what will happen.

On his podcast Bischoff On Wrestling, the subject was breached and Eric said he already knew who the mystery person is going to be. He said he might be burning a bridge by revealing it but after Bischoff’s co-host Nick Hausman advised him to reveal the name he did just that.

Bischoff said WWE is going to be “ripping off” the old TNA story line with AJ Styles and Claire, only Kurt Angle will be playing the part of AJ and Dixie Carter will be Claire. So, according to Eric Bischoff and his inside source (whoever that is) Kurt Angle’s mystery guest will indeed be Dixie Carter.

Therefore Bischoff said WWE will reportedly be starting a story line where Kurt Angle is having an affair with Dixie Carter.

When asked about how Dixie will do with an on-screen role in WWE, Eric was quick to respond but he chose his words very carefully.

“Okay, kidding aside — alright no parody, no tongue in cheek nonsense, I like Dixie as a person, I do. There are a lot of things that — let’s just say I lost a lot of respect for her in some ways in certain categories. But overall as a human being — away from business, I like Dixie. I could go out and have a glass of wine at dinner with her and her husband Serg you know, very easily and comfortably –.”

“So there’s no real heat there as long as I didn’t think too much about the business side of things. That being said, you know I spent enough time in WWE to know how demanding being an on-screen performer is in WWE in terms of the expectations, the process, you know — just everything about it is intense. And I also produced Dixie when I was at TNA and she was an on-camera character.”

“I know what her abilities are and what they’re not and I’m gonna try not to be a smart-ass here because I do like her. But I’m also gonna be honest about it. If there is an on-screen role for Dixie Carter in WWE I pray to God that they have a bunch of new producers who are really, really, really good and they have a lot of time on their hands.”

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