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Eric Bischoff says Abyss was a Mick Foley ripoff: “I always hated that character, I couldn’t stand it when I was in TNA”

Fans who are subscribed to got a bonus “83 Weeks” show from Eric Bischoff and Conrad Thompson this week.

The show covers TNA Bound For Glory 2010. That show included a Triple Threat Match for the TNA Championship featuring Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson. The undercard had Fortune vs. EV 2.0, Motor City Machine Guns vs. Generation Me (The future Young Bucks) and much more. They also covered some of the big news stories from that time frame.

Here are some highlights:

Eric Bischoff talked about the Young Bucks being in TNA in 2010 as well as The Motor City Machine Guns vs Generation Me (The Young Bucks) on this show: “Bob Ryder was instrumental in bringing in the Young Bucks. Bob doesn’t get a lot of nods and not too many people talk about Bob Ryder. I like Bob a lot. He was a big advocate, like to the point where Bob never got hot, but if he wasn’t getting the traction he needed when he wanted to bring The Bucks in, he would get a little hot. He worked hard. I hope the Bucks give him a nod every once in a while because he deserves it.  They (Bucks and Guns) told a story despite it looking like a Top Gun video game. I loved it. If 10 years from now The Young Bucks and The Motor City Machine Guns don’t sit down over a couple beers and a pizza and look back at this match and maybe agree it is probably one of the top five matches in their career, I would be shocked.”

Bischoff said he hated the Abyss character: “Abyss is a wonderful human being. He is an amazingly talented guy but he was stuck on this Mick Foley ripoff character. I always hated that character, I couldn’t stand it when I was in TNA. I couldn’t wait to get Abyss out of the Abyss character and get him into the Chris Park character which he did a phenomenal job at.”

Bischoff was asked what he thought of the custom Jeff Hardy belt: “Some people love it. It’s subjective. I didn’t and maybe because I’m a boomer. Give me a big gold belt. Give me something that looks majestic. If I want to throw a belt over my shoulder and walk to the ring, I want something that makes it look like I accomplished something and I’m proud of and I will fight for my very life for this belt. I don’t want it to look like something I got from a Kia dealership for buying a new Kia.”

Bischoff on Jeff Hardy turning heel: “Jeff Hardy was the star. Dixie loved Jeff Hardy. She thought he was going to change the industry for her. I don’t think there was any conversation about anybody else turning heel. This match was set up for Jeff to turn heel. I think it was something Jeff wanted to try for the evolution of his character. All that was Jeff. Jeff was very much into it. He loved to explore different aspects of his character and I think this was fresh and exciting for Jeff.”

If you use any portion of the quotes from this article please credit 83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff with a h/t to for the transcription


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