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Eric Bischoff: Sean Waltman is one of the most important reasons why the NWO got over



On the latest episode of "83 Weeks," WWE Hall Of Famer Eric Bischoff covered Konnan's wrestling career. He also had a lot to say about Konnan's run in the NWO and he had a lot of nice things to say about Sean Waltman.

Waltman debuted in the NWO as Syxx, a nod to his 1-2-3 Kid name and the fact that he was the sixth member of the group. Bischoff also said that Konann was important to the group as well.

“Sean Waltman, in my opinion, is one of the most important reasons why NWO got over." Bischoff said. Not the most, don’t get me wrong. Sean Waltman was critical, I think, to the NWO’s success. It is a toss-up, in my opinion, whether Konnan was as or more important than Sean Waltman."

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Bischoff continued, "Sean Waltman I think was absolutely necessary when Sean Waltman came into the NWO to keep that vibe going to really add to the depth of what the NWO represented. Konnan was right there with him. Konnan had credibility. He had the believability. He was authentic as hell. He wasn’t trying to be anything. He had the opportunity when he got there to move right into the nucleus of the group, the heartbeat of the group. He wasn’t just a hanger on, and he added so much credibility to the NWO and what the NWO represented.”

On the same episode, Bischoff also gave his thoughts on Tony Khan comparing Jade Cargill's AEW run to Goldberg's WCW run, and he talked about how his appearance on Raw in the wedding vow renewal segment.

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