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Eric Bischoff talks about his support of the legalization of marijuana

If you’re a fan of Eric Bischoff then you are probably aware of his support on most conservative issues. This fact is especially evident if you listen to his weekly podcast “Bischoff On Wrestling.” But on a recent episode of his popular podcast the former face of WCW and Raw General Manager opened up about something he supports that is quite liberal: the legalization of marijuana.

“I’m a supporter of medical marijuana for even recreational use by the way” Bischoff said. “Even though everybody thinks I’m a big conservative, and I am in some ways but in other ways I’m socially quite liberal in others.”

The topic came to light after Eric Bischoff told a story about running into an old acquaintance a number of years ago in a very unlikely way while in Santa Monica. “I was within walking distance of Venice Beach and on the weekends my wife and I would get up early to go walk around Venice Beach — when I say early I’m thinking like ten in the morning early. And we get up on a nice day, we would go walking around Venice Beach on a weekend because it’s just a fascinating place to go watch people.”

“So my wife and I are walking down the sidewalk along the beach and there are people all over the place — a guy playing a Jimi Hendrix guitar on roller blades, it was just nuts — it was fun. And I’m walking along and all of a sudden I hear, ‘hey Eric!’ I just ignored it, I figured it was for someone else named Eric. ‘Hey Bischoff!’ I’m like ‘wow, someone’s yelling at me.’ And I turn around and there’s Rob Van Dam standing up on — there was a little rooftop kind of deck on this house — it used to be a house but it was converted into something else… it was converted into a pot shop is what it was converted to.”

“And Rob’s up there and he’s waving at me so I turn around and I went up to see Rob and say hi. I didn’t know it was like a pot club when I walked in there. All of a sudden Rob comes down and he meets me and he goes, ‘hey bro good to see you!’ I’m looking around and I’m like ‘Rob, what the hell?’ He goes: ‘no man, you can get your medical marijuana card here!’ I said ‘really?'”

Rob told Bischoff that he knew the doctor and within fifteen minutes Eric Bischoff was the proud owner of a medical marijuana card. Bischoff said he’s never liked using marijuana because it’s not his thing. But during the afternoon hanging out with RVD it sounded like he had a good time.

Bischoff went to further explain his stance on the legalization of marijuana by saying, “I think it’s insane, I think it’s absolutely insane [marijuana is illegal]. I’m probably more of a libertarian to be honest, I just happen to think that — I’m way more republican than I am democrat.”

“But just because someone identifies more with being a republican than they do with democrats doesn’t necessarily mean you agree with everything. And I certainly think that (US Attorney General) Jeff Session’s position on marijuana, recreational or medical is just flat out stupid.”

Bischoff said after that time with Rob Van Dam in Santa Monica he hasn’t tried marijuana again but he does see its benefits. After Eric’s story, co-host Nick Hausman and himself spoke about the subject of medical marijuana in depth including how big pharma is trying to keep it down because it threatens so much of what they are trying to do. It was a rather eye-opening segment to say the least and just another sign that anybody has the capacity to surprise you, especially someone who is as historically conservative as Eric Bischoff.

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