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Eric Bischoff talks about his time in WWE and if he had any challenges while being there

Former WCW and TNA producer Eric Bischoff spoke with Randy Zellea of Back Sports Page about several topics about his time in the pro wrestling business.  Down below is an excerpt from the interview in which he talks about his time in WWE after WCW closed.

“I really didn’t have any challenges. By the time my attempt to acquire WCW fell apart and Time Warner decided they didn’t want anything remotely associated with wrestling near their networks. Once that happened and really cut the cord. It was in my rear view mirror and didn’t care or think about it too much. It didn’t hurt if that makes sense and not to sound too dramatic. There was no residual for me. It was over. I had made my money and gained a large amount of knowledge. It was time for other projects. It wasn’t until I got a call from Vince McMahon and thought this would be very cool. I said “Hey Vince nice to finally to talk to you instead of talking about you”. It was great and I felt great from the first call to my last appearance with the company. With the exception of the travel I had no real issues.”

You can read the entire interview here.

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