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Eric Bischoff Talks Chemistry Between Steve Austin and Brian Pillman

Former WCW President and co-host of the 83 Weeks podcast Eric Bischoff recently discussed the ‘Hollywood Blonds’ tag team on the show. This week’s episode centered around ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, as the show was changed almost last minute to celebrate ‘3:16 day.’

Eric Bischoff on The Hollywood Blonds

“I had the opportunities to kind of watch Brian and Steve backstage, not so much watching them in the ring. Which, is always fun to watch don’t get be wrong, but it was also fun watching them together backstage” Bischoff began. “They really enjoyed working together, the chemistry was great. Again, you know, similar personalities, different interests I’m sure but similar personalities in there.”

Stone Cold Steve Austin = Intense

Although Austin was widely regarded as ‘intense’ by his colleagues during his run on top of WWE; Bischoff would actually say that ‘Stunning’ Steve was more laid back. Pillman however was a different beast in the early 90s. “Brian, for the most part now he could, you know. From time to time Brian was capable of being kind of moody. It goes with the territory but for the most part, you know when you see these two guys together? They were cutting up. they were having a blast. You could tell the chemistry was there.”

“It was great, great chemistry with amazing talent”

Eric Bischoff

Eric Bischoff elaborated further, saying “It wasn’t like they were tolerating each other, they truly enjoyed hanging out with each other, you know? And not only working together but hanging out, driving up down the road, that type of thing. It was great, great chemistry with amazing talent, which is why it stood out as much as it did.”

If you use any of the quotes from this article please credit Eric Bischoff/83 Weeks Podcast with an h/t to for the transcription.


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