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Eric Bischoff Talks David Benoit Possibly Signing For AEW or WWE

Former WCW President and co-host of the 83 Weeks podcast Eric Bischoff recently took part in a Q&A on the After 83 Weeks w/ Christy Olson podcast. One of the questions posed to ‘Easy E’ centered around son of Chris Benoit, David. A fan asked Bischoff if he felt that there would be too much in the way of politics for Benoit to sign with a major company like AEW or WWE. This of course due to the tragic murder/suicide that occurred with Daniel, Nancy and Chris Benoit.

“At this time? I don’t know for sure” Eric Bischoff began. “Because I don’t know what the politics that are you specifically asked, WWE? I think first of all I think we’d be far better served to go to AEW than WWE. But in either case, if either of those opportunities became available? If I were managing David? I would really think hard about getting into the ring and making that choice.”

Bischoff would elaborate further, discussing how difficult it would be for Benoit to get into the industry. “Because it’s being the son of a wrestler, being the son of a star in this business put so much pressure on you. Way more than the pressure is on the average person. You take two people with equal, equal potential, everything is genetically equal. Almost identical except for birth parents, right, you put them through the same life experiences? You give them the same opportunities? You put them both into a wrestling environment to give them a chance to be a star? They’ll both accelerate in this example at the exact same pace; same levels, and the son of a star or daughter, as the case may be. An stablished star big name, versus the son of someone who’s coming in with no baggage, or help? I would bet against the son or daughter of a star every single time.”

Eric Bischoff would finish by talking about how certain wrestling fans can be obsessed with the idea of ‘nepotism.’ “The pressures probably two or three fold in your own mind. And also, the fans do not like nepotism, the core? the hardcore fans? They’re extremely loyal. If they think that a talent is getting ahead because of his or her last name? Ir any kind of special opportunity that specific talent? That particular performer has to work two or three times harder than anybody else.”

If you use any of the quotes from this article credit After 83 Weeks w/ Christy Olson; with a h/t to WrestlingNews for the transcription.


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