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Eric Bischoff Talks Goldberg Beating The Fiend at WWE Super Showdown

Former President of WCW and co-host of the 83 Weeks podcast Eric Bischoff recently discussed the Goldberg Universal Championship win at Super Showdown on the show. Bischoff should talk about how much of a ‘shock’ it was to see The Fiend lose the title; especially as he was a huge merchandise mover during Bischoff’s short run as the SmackDown Executive Director.

“I can’t sit in and watch an entire RAW” – Eric Bischoff

“When I say I don’t keep up with the product I mean that I can’t sit in and watch an entire RAW. Or I can’t sit and watch an entire Smackdown” Bischoff began. “I do keep up with the product but I do it kind of a ‘la carte. You know, if I know something’s gonna happen that I happen to be interested in. Or anything Randy Orton for example, if I know Randy’s gonna be involved in some kind of an important match or angle or a setup or you know an end to an angle; you know I’m gonna tune in because I love watching Randy Orton work.”

“I love Dolph Ziggler, I love watching his work”

Bischoff would elaborate further, discussing some more Superstars that he tends to tune in for. “You know, I love Dolph Ziggler, I love watching his work. I like Sheamus, you know there’s certain characters and I watch that I kind of wished I would have had a chance to work with. And I was excited about working with when I was in WWE most recently. I didn’t get a chance to. So I keep up with it I just don’t watch it as religiously or as intensely as I used to.”

The Fiend = The Next Undertaker?

Eric Bischoff then discussed the Super Showdown event itself, saying “I didn’t watch the pay per view. But I did read about it. I followed up and did some research and I’m surprised, honestly, for a couple of reasons. You know what, at least when I was in WWE…I don’t know what the situation is now, but his [The Fiend’s] merchandise, they couldn’t produce it fast enough. I mean it appeared to me at least, that The Fiend was going to be one of those characters that could be an Undertaker esque type character over the long term.”

Bischoff finished by saying “given the trajectory of The Fiend character I was really surprised and not nothing against Bill [Goldberg], but he’s not a full timer. He’s a part timer and Bill, pretty much sh*t the bed last time he was in Saudi Arabia. I found that shocking particularly, you know the way they did it as quickly as they did it. And a lot of that might have had to do with the fact that Bill’s not really the right guy; to go out there and have, You know. A 20 minute match with The Fiend. I don’t know, it’s interesting though.”


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