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Erick Rowan getting a new look soon?, Bray Wyatt wants him to come home



As part of his ongoing push, it appears that Erick Rowan will be getting a new look soon. 

Kim Dylla of Kylla Custom Wear noted on Instagram that not only was she backstage at this week’s SmackDown Live TV event but also noted that she had been working on new gear for Rowan. 

While he has been wearing metal band t-shirts on television, it appears that he’ll be going back to a unique look. In the post, some have thought that she was teasing a Viking look for Rowan.

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She wrote, "# TodaysOffice: #WWE @wwe #SmackdownLive Just finished fitting my good friend @erickredbeard #Rowan in some cool new #Kyllacustomrockwear gear - WWE #MetalShirt club #TodaysShirt selections repping @enslavedofficial and @solstafir_official #JustVikingThings"

Speaking of Rowan, his former group member Bray Wyatt continues to ask him to come home. Wyatt responded to a recent tweet by Rowan with "Come home baby boy"

Rowan is set to face off with Roman Reigns at the upcoming Clash of Champions pay-per-view event.