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ESPN's E:60 producer comments on their "WWE: Behind The Curtain" documentary

As you might know, ESPN's E:60 will premiere their "WWE: Behind The Curtain" documentary this Tuesday night at 8pm EST. The producer of the documentary Ben Houser recently spoke with Mike Mooneyham of The Post & Courier to promote the upcoming documentary.

"He (Triple H) allowed some NXT stars to shoot on our hand-held E:60 mini cameras during practice and at home. In the end, we came away with something both unique and compelling, and of the highest quality. Something we're very much looking forward to sharing with fans."

Houser went on to say…

"Our goal was to tell a story that hadn't been told about the WWE and their talent development system, NXT. Who are the real-life people behind the characters? How does the WWE create characters? Evaluate performances? At our first behind-the-scenes NXT shoot in Orlando, Fla., at Full Sail University, we got resistance from some of the WWE television folks. No one had ever before been allowed to film rehearsals, backstage during an event, in the locker rooms, or interactions between agents and performers before and after matches."

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You can read the entire interview here.