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CONFIRMED: ESPN's SportsCenter to air a weekly WWE segment

It was announced on Tuesday night’s (October 13th, 2015) 9:00 p.m. est edition of SportsCenter that ESPN will be doing a weekly segment on the show about WWE.

ESPN is hyping it as the top five moments in WWE. The segment will consist of the top five moments from Monday night's episode of RAW. The segment will be hosted by Jonathan Coachman.

The "top one-liner" for this week was The New Day's line, "so why don't you take a page out of Chicago Bull's player Derek Rose's book...sit on the bench." The top move was Roman Reigns superman punch to the Wyatt Family.

Seth Rollins appeared on SportsCenter via satellite. It was an empty arena so it looks like the segment with Rollins was taped earlier in the day and they used the Raw logo on the big screen as the backdrop. Rollins talked about his feud with Kane. He said that Kane is just jealous of him.

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There was a clip of Rollins mocking the Cleveland Browns and Johnny Manziel. Rollins said that Manziel wasn't prepared to deal with someone of his calibur but he thinks Manziel was a good sport about it. Coachman asked Rollins what his favorite sport is. Rollins said that he's a "football guy." Coachman asked about the age restriction in college and pro sports. Rollins says he doesn't think there should be an age restriction in wrestling and people should be free to pursue their dreams and if they are good at it then they should get the opportunity at 16, 17, 18, or 19. Coachman asked about unwritten rules in the rings. Rollins said that in WWE, and all sports, you take care of your opponent as well as yourself. He said that it's competitive but accidents do happen and it's health competition and Chase Utley's slide on Saturday night was not malicious.

Several news outlets picked up on the news on Tuesday evening prior to the 9pm segment because ESPN announced it during one of their teasers. The teaser referenced a WWE segment airing for the "first time." This is not the first time that ESPN has covered WWE. ESPN covered WWE during WrestleMania week when Brock Lesnar was on to announce that he would not be going back to UFC and that he had signed a new WWE deal. That was the impetus for the relationship between WWE and ESPN.