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Ethan Carter III gives his opinion on today’s wrestling fans

TNA star Ethan Carter III commented on an article that Chad Dukes posted on his website. Here is an excerpt of what Dukes wrote:

“Why I Hate Wrestling Fans” put forth a sentiment held by Chad Dukes Wrestling today as strongly as was held a year ago: no matter what strides WWE or other promotions make towards satiating its fan base’s demands while balancing the fact that they are, no one is ever happy. The “no one is ever happy” problem spans into more areas than the pushes of young talent obviously, from extraneous chants while competitors are putting their bodies on the line placing the focus on the audience rather than said competitor to unnecessary comments when bonafide legends are announced to the WWE Hall of Fame, wrestling fans never seem to be pleased.

EC3 took to Twitter to give his thoughts about the article and voiced his opinion on the state of wrestling fans. Check it out here:

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