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Eva Marie's husband deletes tweet about his wife's wellness policy violation (updated)



Eva Marie's husband Jonathan Coyle has deleted his tweet from Thursday. In the now-deleted tweet, he promised to reveal the reason why his wife was suspended and claimed that she was "unjustly suspended" and that the public will be "absolutely outraged" when they find out why. He also promised that an official statement would be forthcoming.

His full tweet read, "When the public finds out why my wife was unjustly suspended they will be absolutely outraged! Official statement and facts coming soon."

Hopefully, cooler heads prevailed here because WWE frowns upon talents making statements about wellness policy violations. Adam Rose is one of the few people to publicly comment after failing a drug test. Unless you are putting out a company approved statement (see: Roman Reigns), it is generally a good idea to lay low.

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Eva was scheduled to team with Alexa Bliss and Natalya against Naomi, Carmella and Becky Lynch. Eva has been pulled from the match and the WWE website lists the match as a 3 vs. 2. There's no word on if they will announce a replacement.