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Even more on CM Punk

Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez have a breaking news audio update on and went into more details on the CM Punk situation. It was believed that Punk was going to leave the company in July when his contract expired. Punk is very burned out and he's one of the guys that saved his money and his mentality is that he does not need WWE. There were Raw script changes with less than 2 hours before the show and this was because of Punk. Apparently it didn't boil down to one thing and this has been building up for a while. Meltzer brought up the issue of pay going forward when the WWE Network starts, which is what we heard and reported on in the last update. The talent is wondering how payoffs will look and no one has been told how that is being handled so that could have been a factor in Punk deciding to leave.

Punk posted a cryptic tweet on Monday night that looks like he was saying goodbye to the fans.

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