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Everything is about to change for Matt Hardy



When word got out over the weekend about Jeff Hardy's injury, there was hope within WWE that the injury was not too serious and he would not have to take too much time off from in-ring action.

However, as confirmed on Monday by WWE, he has a torn rotator cuff and that means that he will be out of action for several months and he will likely miss WrestleMania. Shelton Benjamin, for example, was on the shelf for 7 months with his torn rotator cuff injury. If Jeff is out of action for, let's say, 6 months then he would be back in April. So, it's safe to assume that Jeff will not make it back in time for Mania.

Jeff is open to doing some out-of-the-ring work for the company but it's clear that Matt Hardy will have to shift gears now as a singles wrestler. Matt took to Twitter to let fans know that "everything is about to change" without his brother by his side.

Matt has also been teasing that he will be "woken" soon and those teases have picked up in recent weeks so perhaps WWE fans will get to see a different version of "Broken" Matt in the near future.

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Following this week's Monday Night Raw, Matt put over his new friend Jason Jordan and Jeff talked about suffering his first serious injury in professional wrestling during his 25-year career.

The Matt Hardy-Jason Jordan partnership won't last for too long because WWE has big plans for Jordan as a singles star.

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