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Ex-WCW/WWE star Ernest “The Cat” Miller is working on a TV show for the A&E Network

Eric Bischoff and Conrad Thompson covered “WCW Greed” 2001 on the latest episode of “83 Weeks.” The latest podcast is up now at

Bischoff revealed that Ernest “The Cat” Miller is working on a show for the A&E Network:

“He’s working on a special with A&E, ‘Karate Kids of Atlanta.’ It looks like it’s going to get picked up, at least I hope it will. Ernest does a lot with the kids in his community in martial arts. He’s a really, really, good human being. I’m grateful to him and I’m grateful to have given him an opportunity in WCW.”

Bischoff talking about the Dusty & Dustin Rhodes vs Ric Flair & Jeff Jarrett match:

“Dusty Rhodes was the consummate character performer. Do you think Dusty can have a five star match?  Can Dusty ever do a hurricanrana?  Could Dusty ever do 2% of the incredibly athletic display that we see each and every week?  Nope.  Could Dusty control the emotion of an audience in the palm of his hand without ever really trying?  Absolutely.  That’s what the business needs today.  Dusty was, and Ric, they’re one in the same, in my opinion, in this match.  This is a perfect illustration of why I get hot over certain things that other people write about when we refer to it in this show, because none of that matters.  If you’re a fan of the product today, don’t pick it apart.  Don’t analyze it based on technical execution.  Just ask yourself, ‘How do you feel?  Do you enjoy watching it?  Does it make you glad you took the time out of your night or day or whatever to sit down and watch it?  Can you forget about your job or forget about your personal challenges or forget about bad weather, or Covid, or whatever else you need to forget about?  Can you escape and just enjoy watching wrestling because the stories are kind of fun and the characters are fun?’  If the answer to that is yes, then ignore all the rest of the sh*t because none of it  matters in real life.  The only thing that matters is how you feel, not how you think. If you want to think, watch a documentary.  If you want to feel and just escape, then enjoy the product for what it is.”

Bischoff also talked about what was happening with WCW around this time. Bischoff was trying to negotiate a purchase of WCW but that fell through and WWE bought the company a few days later. In addition to what happened on the pay-per-view, Bischoff also broke down the final days of the company.

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