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Ex-WWE star Murphy on why he was doomed after he beat Seth Rollins, why ‘Buddy’ was dropped from his name

Former WWE Superstar Buddy Murphy was interviewed on Chris Van Vliet’s podcast/YouTube channel. He talked about what his plans are going forward, ex-girlfriend Alexa Bliss, Seth Rollins, kissing Aalyah Mysterio and more.

Murphy talking about dropped storylines:

“I felt like I was doomed as soon as I beat Seth, and I was put with the Mysterios. This was my big coming out as a babyface, and I need four members of a family to beat King Corbin, and we cheat, and then I cheat. That was my big opening to a babyface. I loved working with Rey. I loved working with Dominik. Aalyah was amazing. The original idea wasn’t for me to become a babyface and go with the Mysterios. The original idea for me was to stay with Seth, which I loved, because I didn’t want to be locked down with a person who isn’t contracted to a company. Once they agreed on it, I didn’t like it. I knew that was going to be a problem because I’m associated with somebody who isn’t signed to the company, and has her own ambitions in life. She’s doing her thing. The wrestling, she kind of came into the angle. Maybe they sucked her in for a little bit, but I’m associated with that now. If I’m not on, she’s not on. If she’s not on, I’m not on. There was a big issue towards the end of the year. I think someone close to the Mysterios tested positive, so they got quarantined. They were gone for two weeks. Then I had to quarantine because I was around someone that tested positive. Now I was quarantined, and then I came back. Then Blake and Cutler had been sent home. I’m not getting any answers. The dirt sheets are saying that the angle has been dropped. I couldn’t get an answer. Rey can’t get an answer. We had no answers. Rey was saying he has Aalyah messaging him saying, ‘Hey dad, am I needed?’ There was no communication. I was trying to track down Bruce [Prichard]. Finally, get Bruce and ask, ‘What’s going on?’ He said, ‘Oh, we dropped the angle. We need to figure out how to get you away from the Mysterios, and we will insert in something by yourself.’ I said, ‘Ok, cool. Just FYI.  I would love to go back with Seth’ because the plan was never to leave him. He said, ‘Ok, awesome to know.’ I let Seth know, ‘Hey, they want to get me away from the Mysterios. I suggested I get back with you. I would love to work with you. I felt like we could go back into this different chemistry because I beat you. You look at me as one of your own now.’ He was like, ‘Yea, cool. If something comes up, I will definitely suggest it.’ Nothing ever came from it. They just kind of left me there. I did that thing with Cesaro. I came back with two, three minute matches. Originally when I was told about those matches, I said, ‘Is this to bring me and Seth back together? What’s going on?’ He said, ‘I don’t know for sure, but it looks that way.’ I said, ‘Ok.’ That was just telling me that to keep me happy. I did those two matches and that was it.”

Murphy talking about dropping his first name:

“That was my idea, but the whole story behind it was never told. I was talking to Michael Hayes. He said, ‘Buddy. That name is too friendly.’ I said, ‘Maybe I’ll just go back to Murphy. In NXT, it was Blake and Murphy. I don’t need Buddy, but maybe because I’m this disciple character, and Buddy doesn’t fit it, Buddy Murphy, the disciple, how about I sacrifice my given name for the greater good. Now I’m becoming a reborn to Seth. Your parents give you your first name. That’s your given name. I’m giving that away. I’m sacrificing that given name, and now I’m known as this, like a number. For the greater cause, I’m sacrificing my given name for Seth.’ He said ‘Ok.’ The next week, I’m just Murphy, but it was never explained. I didn’t like that. It was a detail that could have explained a lot. The fact that we are still talking about it still now, there are questions that should not have to be explained a year and a half later.”

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