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Brian Gewirtz appeared on The Ariel Helwani Show to plug his book titled, “There’s Just One Problem” which covers his time in the WWE as a writer. The book comes out on August 16th.

Steve Austin was run down by a car at Survivor Series ‘99 and he would not return until Backlash 2000. It would not be revealed until shortly after Austin returned that it was Rikishi who ran Austin down. Brian Gewirtz was asked if it was always the plan for Rikishi to be the one that ran Austin over:

Gewirtz said, "Let's see. How do I put this? The amount of people who were gonna freakin run over Stone Cold Steve Austin at some point, you know, you could fill a jury with them and have alternates. There were a lot of people and it kept switching. It was kind of like a hot potato."

He continued, "I remember at one point Vince looked at me and was like, 'Taz.' At one point, it was gonna be Taz. Okay, great. Let's make it Taz. Then, you know, for whatever reason, the next week, it's someone different. I wouldn't call that necessarily a success. Rikishi is a Hall of Fame performer, but he's likable and a natural babyface, and people want to like him. Sometimes you just don't know until you try. Then ultimately, it was Rikishi, but Triple H was behind it all along, and you know, it went back to the natural order of things."

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There was a lot more covered during this interview. Click below to watch the entire interview.

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