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Ex-WWE writer says WWE has strongly implied that Divas are catty, mentally unstable chicks

Former WWE Creative Team member Kevin Eck has a post up at and he shed some light on how decision makers view the WWE Divas.

Eck wrote about the 30-second match on Raw a few weeks ago that caused an outcry on social media leading to the #GiveDivasAChance movement. The company has been giving the women longer matches but they still have things they need to work on with the Divas division. Eck says he’s not surprised at the way the Divas are booked because, in his words, “we actually were told that there really are no babyfaces or heels in the Divas division. It was strongly implied that the Divas are all just a bunch of catty chicks, most of whom are mentally unstable.”

He gave the AJ Lee/Paige storyline from last year as an example. Both of those characters acted heelish. The Bella Twins were portrayed as babyfaces on Monday’s Raw and there was no reason given other than Nikki was talking like a babyface on commentary for no reason. This all comes after Nikki turned on Brie last year. Then they got back together (both as heels) after a few months and now they are both back to being babyfaces.

Eck has a ton more in his blog and he goes into some of the logic holes in the Diva storylines. Click here to read his blog.

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