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Ex-XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck files lawsuit against Vince McMahon

Alpha Entertainment, LLC

Alpha Entertainment, LLC

The hits keep on coming for Vince McMahon over the second failed launch of the XFL.

Darren Rovell of Action Network reported on Tuesday that former XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck has sued McMahon, the owner of the XFL. In a statement issued through Luck’s attorneys, the ex-XFL commissioner states that he was wrongfully terminated.

The lawsuit was filed in Connecticut last Thursday. He also states that he’s owed the money by McMahon that he was guaranteed when he signed on to become the commissioner in May 2018.

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Per the report, Luck was set to receive a contract in between $20-25 million over five years to be in charge of the pro football league. The contract stipulated he’d be due the remaining balance if terminated without cause.

McMahon folded the league after 20 games due to the coronavirus outbreak. This was after he had pledged to invest hundreds of millions of dollars of his own money into the league.

It should be noted that Luck was among other top executives who were not part of the XFL’s bankruptcy filing earlier this month.

In fact, the lawsuit brought by Luck against McMahon states that Luck was never listed as a creditor because Alpha Entertainment, the parent company of the league, filed to reject many executive contracts at the same time as filing their petition.

A source noted to Rovell that the bankruptcy court approved the rejecting of those contracts. This ultimately means that Luck’s only recourse was to sue McMahon. Now, Luck is seeking unspecified damages from McMahon.