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Exclusive: Incident with Carmella was the main reason why Big Cass was released by WWE



As everyone knows by now, Cass is no longer with WWE and there were several incidents that rubbed people the wrong way. It's already been reported that he broke script with a little person on Smackdown Live several weeks ago and the bus bathroom incident has been reported. However, the last straw was an incident with former girlfriend Carmella.

We were told that he went up to her and, according to a well-placed source, caused a scene while asking her to forgive him, apparently in hopes for a reconciliation. Carmella tried to walk off but he grabbed her arm and wrestlers in the area stepped in. We're told that The Usos and Erick Rowan were the ones to get Cass to back away.

Well, once word got back to management, the call was made to fire him. Vince McMahon called Cass into a room and broke the news to him hours before Smackdown Live in Toledo. This recent incident would also explain why he was not wished well in his future endeavors when announced his release.

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