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Exclusive: Reason why WWE is keeping both World titles

Since we’ve gotten a few emails about this subject, I asked someone in WWE about the WWE title and World titles. On the Raw prior to the TLC Pay-Per-View the company hyped that it would be the last time fans would see both titles on Raw. WWE has kept both titles since TLC. I was told that the reason for this is for merchandise reasons since both titles sell well and they realize that (at least for now) it’s worth keeping them because they get mainstream attention from athletes that sport replicas after games.

David Ortiz wore the WWE title during the Boston Red Sox championship parade in November. Last night,¬†LeSean McCoy of the Philadelphia Eagles wore a replica World title after last night’s Philadelphia Eagles victory against the Dallas Cowboys. I believe Shaquille O’Neal also owns a replica World title as well.

So there you have it.

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