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Exclusive: WWE management not happy about Nia Jax's recent tweet about Alexa Bliss



There has been a lot of talk in recent days about supposed heat between Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss. Wrestlers have been known to work angles on social media so we were skeptical at first. It turns out that there are legit issues between them.

Jax sent out a tweet on Friday morning that raised some eyebrows..not just amongst fans but with people in WWE. Jax wrote, "For someone that doesn’t care what anyone thinks it’s weird they have to go out and get a tattoo that says they’re enough ?"

The tweet is believed to be a reference to Alexa Bliss showing off her "I am enough" tattoo, a reference to her past real-life struggles, most notably overcoming anorexia. WWE has taken real-life issues in the past and used them for storylines but it's unlikely to be the case this time.

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We are told that WWE management saw the tweet and there is heat on Jax. As of this writing, the tweet is still up on her timeline. Several readers have also pointed out that Jax and Bliss no longer follow each other on Twitter.