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WWE provided a storyline update on Ezekiel this week on WWE Monday Night Raw and for anyone wondering, his storyline with his "brother" will least it will at some point in the future.

It was announced that Ezekiel is in the hospital after the brutal attack by Kevin Owens last week. They showed a photo of Ezekiel in the hospital with his family surrounding him. The people pictured included Elias.

They also showed "Ernie, Jr.," the father of Ezekiel and he promised to give Owens a piece of his mind if he gets his hand on him. So, based on that, it sounds like we'll get Ezekiel and Elias' father live in the ring soon in a segment with Owens. 

Following this segment, Owens seemingly moved on from his feud with Ezekiel and decided to interrupt Drew McIntyre's in-ring promo to declare that he has his sights on the WWE Undisputed Universal Title.

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