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On Wednesday, it was announced that John Laurinaitis' first post-WWE appearance was booked by Big Time Collectibles.

Just 24 hours later, the appearance has been canceled. Bobby Fulton announced today that they received "only negative feedback" when they made the initial announcement and they have decided not to work with him.

Fulton's statement:

"Yesterday we announced John Laurinaitis would be doing an appearance with Big Time Collectibles. Upon announcement we received only negative feedback. After much consideration we have decided to not work with him. We apologize to those that were offended by us working with him."

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Laurinaitis was fired by WWE in August 2022 after The Wall Street Journal reported that the WWE Board of Directors was investigating a $3 million payment made by Vince McMahon to a former WWE employee who he had a sexual relationship with. Laurinaitis was also named in the report.

Laurinaitis had been with WWE since 2001. He was one of the high-ranking executives and was seen as one of McMahon's trusted confidantes. Laurinaitis also appeared on TV as an authority figure and on E!'s Total Divas reality show.