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Fandango updates fans after successful shoulder surgery

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Fandango updates fans after successful shoulder surgery

Fandango recently underwent shoulder surgery to repair a torn labrum in Birmingham, Alabama. The surgery was reportedly a success and the Breezango member took to social media to update his fans on the situation. Fandango confirmed that his surgery went well and also mentioned that he’s overwhelmed with the amount of get well wishes he has been receiving all day:

Before suffering the injury Fandango was working with Tyler Breeze as a tag team, going by the name Breezango. Fandango’s injury will keep him shelved for about six months. This raises some questions in regards to what’s going to be done with Breeze. Breeze doesn’t seem to be taking things too harshly. In fact, it doesn’t seem like he thinks things are going to change all that much.

A fan recently asked him on Twitter if he’s ready to be treated like a jobber for the next several months with the departure of Fandango. Breeze responded with ““Hasn’t that been the last 3 years?”:

Unless he’s being sarcastic, Breeze doesn’t seem to be too happy with his current position in WWE – even before Fandango’s injury. Breeze’s use on WWE programming in the next several months will certainly be an interesting thing for fans to keep their eyes on.

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