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Fans are about to see a different side of ex-WWE star Mojo Rawley

Mojo Rawley was among the names released as part of WWE’s “budget cuts” but it doesn’t look like he’s done with the wrestling business.

Rawley, real name Dean Muhtadi, took to Twitter to tell fans that we’re just 10 days away from seeing the real version of him. In other words, fans have been seeing a watered-down version of his personality on WWE TV. The “10 days” references the end of his 90-day non-compete. He was actually released in early March and not with the large group of names that were released in April

Rawley tweeted, “10 days until you get me. The real me. The version of me I’ve been so reeeeaaadddy to share with y’all for a decade. #StartTheCountdown!!!!!”

Rawley signed a multi-year deal with WWE in 2019 but there were signs of frustration with his spot in the company.

During an interview on Lilian Garcia’s podcast, Rawley expressed that he was unhappy with the creative direction for The Hype Bros.

He also said, “I wish I did know so I could fix the problem if there is one. The fact of the matter is there is a talented locker room. There’s a lot of guys fighting for an increasingly limited number of spots. That’s kind of been the path of my career, it’s been very stop and go. The second I feel like now’s the time I’m gonna get going [then] boom I disappear from TV for months.”

His future in pro wrestling is anyone’s guess. Rawley is one of the names that was teased on Impact Wrestling’s Slammiversay commercial. One would think that AEW is an option but with so many names under contract, AEW is likely to be very picky on who they choose to sign, especially with names like Samoa Joe, Daniel Bryan, and Andrade being free agents.

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