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Fans are worried after video surfaces of Buff Bagwell looking unrecognizable

A disturbing Cameo video of Buff Bagwell was posted to Twitter on Monday and it looks like he needs help. As you can see in the clip below, his face is badly bruised and he does not sound like fans are used to hearing him.

At one point Bagwell removes his glasses and then raises his voice as he says, “I got a broke face and I’m still good looking. Look at me! Do not adjust your screen, I’m still this good looking.”

Bagwell continues with the video shout out and then he raises his voice while talking about the quarantine. He yelled, “I’m about to tear my own house up right the f*ck now. I’m thinking about putting a chokehold on my girlfriend who is also the cameraman just to end this motherf*cker. I’m over it!”

There is no physical evidence to suggest that there is more at play here but it is worth noting that things have been rough at times for Bagwell since WCW closed in 2001. During an interview on Steve Austin’s podcast in 2015, he claimed that sleep apnea was the reason why he’s struggled with substance abuse. Bagwell was arrested in 2004 for being under the influence of Lortabs and Somas and there were several more arrests over the next couple of decades. In 2012, he was seriously injured in a car accident.

Based on the reaction Twitter replies to the video below, it is clear that fans are worried about him so hopefully, he can get his issues addressed.


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