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Fans chant for AEW, outrage at the ending of Seth Rollins vs. Bray Wyatt at WWE Hell in a Cell

The WWE Universal Championship match between Seth Rollins and “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt closed out the WWE Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. This match took place inside of the Hell in a Cell structure.

Wyatt got his full cool entrance with the lantern and red lighting. For this match, the arena was darkened and the lighting in the ring was red, which had to be annoying for the fans in attendance.

Early on, Wyatt no sold kendo stick shots to the back from Rollins. Rollins tried a move off the second rope but Wyatt caught him and slammed him. The action spilled to ringside and Wyatt continued to dominate Rollins. Rollins was finally able to turn things around for himself by using the steel steps as a weapon on Wyatt at ringside. Rollins charged in with dives to Wyatt at ringside. However, Wyatt caught Rollins with a Sister Abigail into the cage.

Rollins fought back and hit a frog splash onto Wyatt through a table but the splash also hurt Rollins so he couldn’t get a pin right away. Wyatt no-sold the splash but Rollins stomped him. Wyatt stood up. Wyatt caught Rollins in Sister Abigail and went for the pin but Rollins kicked out.

Wyatt ripped Rollins’ head like he was ripping off a bottle cap. Wyatt grabbed a super-sized mallet and jammed it in Rollins’ stomach. Rollins fought back with kicks to the face and then stomped Wyatt’s face onto the mallet at ringside. Back in the ring, Rollins hit a jumping knee to the face but Wyatt no sold it and Rollins hit several super kicks that were no sold.

Rollins hit several stomps as fans booed. Wyatt no-sold the stomps so Rollins hit the Pedigree and another stomp. Wyatt kicked out at one. Rollins hit more kicks and several more stomps but Wyatt kept getting up. There were lots of boos directed at Rollins during all of this because they didn’t want to see Wyatt lose the match.

Rollins hit Wyatt with a chair but Wyatt kicked out at one again. Rollins placed a chair on Wyatt’s head and then jammed a ladder in his face and then went to pin him but Wyatt kicked out again. Rollins got desperate so he smashed a toolbox several times onto a ladder that was placed on a chair on Wyatt’s face.

The referee urged Rollins not to use a sledgehammer on Wyatt but he went ahead and did it anyway. The referee called for the bell and ended the match. Yes, a Hell in a Cell match ended with a disqualification.

Fans were outraged and you could hear loud boos and AEW chants. Help came for Wyatt but he got up and locked in the mandible claw on Rollins. There were loud “restart the match” chants as Wyatt continued to attack Rollins at ringside. The show ended with Wyatt on the stage and the fade to black.

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